Small Wind Turbines

IEC 61400-2

TD Engineering ApS is accredited by the Danish Energy Agency (Energistyrelsen) to perform type approvals of wind turbines with a rotor diameter < 200m^2. Link.

The Type Approval process can be difficult to overview and is often seen as a complicated and time consumning process. To optain a type approval on a wind turbine in Denmark with a swept area < 200m2, your wind turbine design must to comply with IEC 61400-22 and IEC 61400-2. As outlined in Executive Order 73 (BEK73)  wind turbines installed in Denmark must hold a valid Type Certificate.

TD Engineering will guide your company through the type approval process in a simple and pragmatic way.

Short description of the certification process in Denmark for a wind turbine with a swept area < 200m2.